Web Design

Here is a selection and samples of my work compiled to give you a glimpse of my taste and what is awaiting you.

AK Group website screenshot

Ak Group is a leading car agency. I was approached by them to design an easy to access website to provide the visitors with as much information as possible. The idea of the design was to create a virtual show room with a 360-Degree View of the cars along with detailed information about each and every car.

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Colorama Painting website screenshot

Colorama Painting and Decorating had a website that did not serve its goals to the upmost. They wanted a simple design to reflect their business and help clients navigate easily and get an idea of what the company can do. I decided to create each page of the website using a different color to express the essence of the business.

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Used Golf Shop website screenshot

UGS is a website for sharing opinions on, selling and trading golf equipments. In brief, I was asked to design a logo, a website and a Simple Machine Forum theme to match the website. The purpose of the design was to create an appealing website where clients can easily interact through sharing opinions on, selling and trading products. I was also asked to make room for 3 advertising banners on both, the website and the forum.

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Proworld newsletter screenshot

Proworld is a service corps that offers cultural services, and academic experiences. I was asked to design an attractive e-mail newsletter for their advertising campaign to promote the services they offer.

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Another Cycling Forum website screenshot

Another Cycling Forum is, as the name suggests, a bulletin board for discussing biking matters. The owner of the forum wanted a CMS to enable him to publish news, articles, board topics and updates for his board. Since he wanted a one page design and he was already using SMF for his discussion board, I suggested using SMF‘s SSI for this purpose. So what I did was designing the home page and connecting it to the forum to enable him to control the content from there. In addition, I created some of the modifications for his board to meet his needs and concerns. It’s worth mentioning that the work on the board is continual.

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Melhem Zein album release screenshot

Melhem Zein is a Lebanese singer. This website has gone through various changes in design. Each design revolves around an idea or event in the life of the singer. The work on it is everlasting depending on the need of the owner of the website.

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Abu Samra website screenshot

Abu Samra Transport wanted a simple and nice design for their website that would highlight their logo in a nice way. I used textpattern for content managing so they can edit it easily.

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Mazin Louis website screenshot

Mazin louis is a business man who owns different companies and wanted to join them under one site that offers visitors all the information needed about the different companies. He wanted a simple design that could serve visitors the best

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Voice Of Praise Team website screenshot

Voice Of Praise is a website for a religious band that produces and sings religious carols. The design is simple and straightforward to express the core of their beliefs.

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Golf Opinions SMF theme screenshot

Golf Opinions is an SMF discussion board. I cherish this theme a lot. I think it is one of the unique themes I have created.

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Used Golf Shop SMF theme screenshot

Used Golf Shop is an SMF board for discussing golf. It is a continuation for the website I designed. The SMF theme has to match the web-site’s colors and essence. A lot of work has been invested in the board and its layout to match the web-site.

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Melhem Zein SMF theme screenshot

Melhem Zein is an SMF theme that was left to my own prerogative. The site owner only demanded a clear and nice SMF theme. So, I chose to create it out of simple solid colors. But the theme itself was edited and modified intensely to meet the needs and concerns of the members. And the work is still going on whenever a new idea pops up.

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Putter Talk Wordpress theme screenshot

Putter talk is a community website where members share reviews on putters and get latest information and articles on the subject. The site owner requested a green and black WordPress theme to match the SMF theme he already had.

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Book Hobby is an SMF board discussing books and authors. The idea of using a book shelf with books on one end as a navigating menu was actually a nice way to integrate the already made logo.

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